2014: “Driptorch”

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Untitled copy

“Charred Gateway” (FL) 48″ x 36″

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“Hyperbolic Nature: Vine Twist” (FL) 60″ x 48″

2013: Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Volume 21

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I was included in Volume 21 of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture (Art & Architecture) in the chapter titled “Paintings and Painters, 1980-2012” (on page 143),  published by the University of North Carolina Press and sponsored by the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi. I was surprised and honored to be included in such an important and respected reference book on this subject….I must be a true Southerner now!

This book can be purchased through the UNC press at http://www.uncpress.unc.edu or through Amoazon.com. Below is a small pdf of the section I am in.


2013: “Sight-Specific”

2012MAClogo 2012MACsightSpecInvite Bacl 2013MACInviteSightSPecFront

The MAC believes that there is a rich art tradition in Texas that deserves to be nurtured and encouraged. Nearly twenty years of programming that consistently exhibits both native Texas artists and artists who are transplanted to Texas reflects this mission and desire to understand the region where we choose to live. This fall, The MAC is pleased to feature Southern Methodist Universities’ Meadows School of the Arts graduate and thirty year Texas resident, Lilian Garcia-Roig. Her exhibition, Sight-Specific continues The MAC’s tradition of exhibiting artists that developed their talent in Texas.

Sight-Specific is a selection of recent large-scale works and groupings that depict the dense forest landscapes from Northern Florida and Georgia as well as the Cascades Mountains in Washington State. Many works in the exhibition are from two on-going series: Cumulative Nature and Hyperbolic Nature. Garcia-Roig paints outdoors, a method art historically known as en plein air, a French expression for “in the open air”. However, unlike the 19th Century Impressionist painters who sought to capture a single moment, Garcia-Roig paints over the course of an entire day placing an important emphasis on the performative aspects of on-site painting. The changing of light and passing of time is imperative to documenting a first hand and extended experience of nature. Both series in Sight-Specific represent the first groups of large-scale paintings produced in this manner (rather than over multiple half-day sessions as she had done before) continuing to increase the productive tension Garcia-Roig seeks between the materiality of paint and the optics of representation.

Garcia-Roig considers her current reinvestigations of the traditional plein air methodology as an act of defiance in a virtualized world that often lacks unmediated or meaningful experiences with nature. In Garcia-Roig’s paintings there is an immediate sense of the temporal and sublime, that nature is intoxicatingly near and yet unreachable.



“Water Flows” (WA) 36″ x 48″, 2011


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2013MACviewSm (1)


You can see more exhibition views on my web page under “Gallery Views” which is the last row under my “Paintings Series” tab. Below is a very small pdf titled “Hidden Gems III”  that gives additional history and information about the McKinney Avenue Contemporary (the MAC) in Dallas:

2013HiddenGemTheMcKinneyAvenueContemporary| Russell Tether Fine Art

Meadows Museum & Sorolla

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 7.58.20 PM I was honored to be invited by the Meadows Museum on the SMU campus in Dallas, TX to give an Afternoon Gallery Talk in conjunction with their amazing show “Sorolla and America” which ran from Dec 13, 2013-April 19, 2014. http://www.meadowsmuseumdallas.org/about_Sorolla.htm Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 8.04.24 PM My talk was titled: “Past and Present: Sorolla and the Tradition of Plein-Air Painting” and was on Friday, February 28, at 12:15 pm. I was told by Carmen Smith (the Director of Education at the Meadows Museum) that it was the most highly attended gallery talk they had ever had …..it was standing room only as almost two hundred people filled the galleries. It was great time for me as I got to see and talk about works I had admired for along time while also being able to have a wonderful Q&A with the audience. I think if you have any interest in perceptually-based painting, then Joaquin Sorolla is a “must-see”…Luckily his masterwork titled “Visions of Spain” has recently been cleaned an rehung in its own renovated gallery in the Hispanic Society of America in NYC.     http://www.hispanicsociety.org4613428614_f4c54e02bd_z

2013: “Conspicuous Nature”


“Hambidge Autumn Diptych”, (GA) 48″ x 72″, 2011. private collection NY


DETAIL of top middle of “Autumn Hambidge Diptych”

Conspicuous Nature was a solo show at the Turner Center for the Arts in Valdoasta GA. This large gallery space allowed me to present larger-scale works from four of the main regions I work: FL, GA, WA & NH. For this Nov. 2013 – Jan 2014 show, I made sure to include some of the fall-themed Hambidge works (like the one above) to remind the audience of just how amazing parts of their state are.

2013: “Saturation Points”

Saturation Points 4'x5

“Saturation Points” 48″ x 60″.private collection Dallas


DETAIL of “Saturation Points”

Saturation Points was my eighth solo show at Valley House Gallery in Dallas and the theme of that show was just it you thought it would be….some of my most intensely colored, all-day cumulative paintings from various fall periods, created mostly during my Hambidge residency and from my MacDowell Colony residency in NH (that I was finally willing to part with).


“Autumn Haiku” (GA) 30″ x 30″ , 2011

Below are small pdfs links of two local views:



2013: Fairs, Fairs & More Art Fairs

White Waters 24x30

“White Waters” (WA) 24″ x 30″, 2011. Private Collection, Dallas

Valley House Gallery did not want to  miss the Texas art fair action so they exhibited at The Dallas Art Fair,  Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas (CADD) Fair and the Houston Art fair where I was one of their featured artists.

2013: Art Wynwood


People in South Florida were getting more chances to see my work and they seemed to like what they saw.


“Cumualative Nature: Juniper & Palm Brush” 48″ x 36″. Private collection Miami.

2013: Cernuda Arte

DSC_4573 - 2011-07-25 at 16-09-34

“Cumulative Nature: Palm & Oak canopy” (FL) 48″ x 36″, 2012. In private collection Miami

In 2013 Cernuda Arte, a gallery in Coral Gables that specializes in Cuban art, began representing my work and they have featured my paintings in various group shows and art fairs such as the LA Art Show, Art Chicago, Dallas Art Fair, Houston Art Fair, Art Wynwood and Art Miami. I am scheduled to have a solo show titled “In the Thick of It: Lilian Garcia-Roig-A Decade of Painting in Florida” in February 2015 and that show will have an accompanying catalog and essay by Carol Damian , Director & Curator of the Frost Museum in Miami.

DSC_4581 - Version 2 (1)

DETAIL of top right section of “Cumulative Nature: Palm & Oak Canopy”

More information on the gallery can be found on the small pdf below and on their website:  cernudaarte.com

Cernuda Arte copy 2

“Launching the Imagination”

I am very excited to let you know that my work has been selected for inclusion in the 5th edition of “Lauching the Imagination”…( I was extra excited to learn that my painting “Rock Flows” was select for the cover too! ) I am not alone in thinking this is one of the best studio arts foundation books out there given it is the most widely adopted foundations text in the country!…and there is even a Chinese translation/version now.

You can purchase the book through amazon.com, alibris.com or barnesandnoble.com CONGRATULATIONS to Mary for such an impressive accomplishment!

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2012: Chopo Museum in Mexico City


In a show  titled “Medios y ambientes” at Museo del Chopo in Mexico City, I exhibited my most massive work to date; a 12’H X 29’W pyramidal shaped installation (Hyperbolic Nature: La Florida) that was comprised of nine 5’ X 4’ on-site Florida paintings. My painting seemed very popular and I was one of two artists interviewed for several Spanish TV and radio stations. My installation was often described in the then popular, (well meaning but sexist descriptive) vernacular slang term “Padrisimo“.

2012-06-06 19.21.14



Published by ARTE AL DIA Magazine

Work by Lilian García-Roig. Installation view at Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City.


Hyperbolic_Nature-_La_Florida_middlePaintingInVeticalCollumn4ftHx5ftW2012 - Version 4

Articulo Noroeste copy

ABOVE is a small pdf link to a review in Noroeste Magazine and BELOW is a link to a review that shows some of the other works in the show (both are in Spanish). You can also see some of the other works on my “Gallery Views” link under “Painting Series” tab on my web page.


2012: “Autumn Seen”

HambExhuberantFall4X5 copy

“Exuberant Nature” (GA) 48″ x 60″, 2011.  private collection Dallas

Hide&SeekWoodsHambidge copy

“Hide & Seek Woods” (GA) 30″ x 24″, 2011

The director of Blue Spiral 1 in Asheville, NC saw my works in New American Paintings #88 and asked if he could represent me. He included me in three person show in 2011 called New X 3 and then offered me a solo show in Oct-Dec. of 2012 which I titled Autumn Seen. Again, given the nature of my work, I had asked him if he knew of any local places that he thought I could work at to to able to produce some more local site-specific work for the show….especially given how beautiful their local surroundings were. He mentioned the Hambidge Center for the Arts Residency and I applied…and made the fall-colored works in 2011 that would be shown in fall 2012 at the gallery.


“Leaning Branches” 60″ x 48″. private collection Washington D.C. via NC