2014: Martin Museum of Art


The Martin Museum of Art (on the campus of Baylor University) in Waco will be hosting two concurrent solo shows: James Surls and me! Surls will have his large sculptures and drawings in Gallery 1 and I will have many of my large, on-site multi-panel paintings (from FL, GA, WA & NH) in Gallery 2 in a show I titled TIME SENSITIVE.

Surls is a quintessential Texas artist who makes bold works and I am particularly excited about this show and the juxtaposition of our works because I have been a huge fan of both his monumental sculptures and drawings since I first saw them back when I was in high school. While our works are very different on the surface, I have always felt a strong connection to his work, his aesthetics, his process and the materiality of his pieces…I am a maximalist 2-D, colorful version of him, or something like that…I hope.


“Webbed Woods” (WA) 36″ x48″

DSC_2504 - 2009-08-30 at 17-25-04

Below are two small png (like pdf) links to download more information about the artists in the show:

Surls-Roiginside surls-roig-outside



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