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“Palmetto Brush” (FL) 2009, 48″ x 36″ Private collection

I was excited about having one of my Florida on-site paintings being included (and sold) in the Phillips Auction House Gallery’s show Latin America in NYC.

“Phillips is the destination for international collectors to buy and sell the world’s most important contemporary works of art. By focusing specifically on the defining aesthetic movements of the last century, we’ve set ourselves apart as the most dynamic and forward-thinking auction house”. It has the most active, contemporary focused Latin American Art Department of the auction houses so it is a great honor to have work included in this curated show and catalog since it is one of the most far reaching and respected of its kind and it contextualized my work with major international Latin American artists. Having my painting hung next to important Cuban artists such as Rene Francisco (middle), Kcho (far right-image below) and Carlos Garacioa (bottom photo, bottom right) and seeing how well it fit with their work –how at home it looked- made me realize that my Cuban identity, while rather assimilated into American culture, was intact & important and that my work does has a place within the continuum of Cuban Art.

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Phillips produces large, beautiful full catalogs of all of the selected featured works in their various auction exhibitions and those catalogs are used by art collectors and curators as reference books on that show’s subject . You can purchase a catalog at:


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