2013: “Sight-Specific”

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The MAC believes that there is a rich art tradition in Texas that deserves to be nurtured and encouraged. Nearly twenty years of programming that consistently exhibits both native Texas artists and artists who are transplanted to Texas reflects this mission and desire to understand the region where we choose to live. This fall, The MAC is pleased to feature Southern Methodist Universities’ Meadows School of the Arts graduate and thirty year Texas resident, Lilian Garcia-Roig. Her exhibition, Sight-Specific continues The MAC’s tradition of exhibiting artists that developed their talent in Texas.

Sight-Specific is a selection of recent large-scale works and groupings that depict the dense forest landscapes from Northern Florida and Georgia as well as the Cascades Mountains in Washington State. Many works in the exhibition are from two on-going series: Cumulative Nature and Hyperbolic Nature. Garcia-Roig paints outdoors, a method art historically known as en plein air, a French expression for “in the open air”. However, unlike the 19th Century Impressionist painters who sought to capture a single moment, Garcia-Roig paints over the course of an entire day placing an important emphasis on the performative aspects of on-site painting. The changing of light and passing of time is imperative to documenting a first hand and extended experience of nature. Both series in Sight-Specific represent the first groups of large-scale paintings produced in this manner (rather than over multiple half-day sessions as she had done before) continuing to increase the productive tension Garcia-Roig seeks between the materiality of paint and the optics of representation.

Garcia-Roig considers her current reinvestigations of the traditional plein air methodology as an act of defiance in a virtualized world that often lacks unmediated or meaningful experiences with nature. In Garcia-Roig’s paintings there is an immediate sense of the temporal and sublime, that nature is intoxicatingly near and yet unreachable.



“Water Flows” (WA) 36″ x 48″, 2011


Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 4.04.43 PM

2013MACviewSm (1)


You can see more exhibition views on my web page under “Gallery Views” which is the last row under my “Paintings Series” tab. Below is a very small pdf titled “Hidden Gems III”  that gives additional history and information about the McKinney Avenue Contemporary (the MAC) in Dallas:

2013HiddenGemTheMcKinneyAvenueContemporary| Russell Tether Fine Art

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