2012: Chopo Museum in Mexico City


In a show  titled “Medios y ambientes” at Museo del Chopo in Mexico City, I exhibited my most massive work to date; a 12’H X 29’W pyramidal shaped installation (Hyperbolic Nature: La Florida) that was comprised of nine 5’ X 4’ on-site Florida paintings. My painting seemed very popular and I was one of two artists interviewed for several Spanish TV and radio stations. My installation was often described in the then popular, (well meaning but sexist descriptive) vernacular slang term “Padrisimo“.

2012-06-06 19.21.14



Published by ARTE AL DIA Magazine

Work by Lilian García-Roig. Installation view at Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City.


Hyperbolic_Nature-_La_Florida_middlePaintingInVeticalCollumn4ftHx5ftW2012 - Version 4

Articulo Noroeste copy

ABOVE is a small pdf link to a review in Noroeste Magazine and BELOW is a link to a review that shows some of the other works in the show (both are in Spanish). You can also see some of the other works on my “Gallery Views” link under “Painting Series” tab on my web page.


2012: “Autumn Seen”

HambExhuberantFall4X5 copy

“Exuberant Nature” (GA) 48″ x 60″, 2011.  private collection Dallas

Hide&SeekWoodsHambidge copy

“Hide & Seek Woods” (GA) 30″ x 24″, 2011

The director of Blue Spiral 1 in Asheville, NC saw my works in New American Paintings #88 and asked if he could represent me. He included me in three person show in 2011 called New X 3 and then offered me a solo show in Oct-Dec. of 2012 which I titled Autumn Seen. Again, given the nature of my work, I had asked him if he knew of any local places that he thought I could work at to to able to produce some more local site-specific work for the show….especially given how beautiful their local surroundings were. He mentioned the Hambidge Center for the Arts Residency and I applied…and made the fall-colored works in 2011 that would be shown in fall 2012 at the gallery.


“Leaning Branches” 60″ x 48″. private collection Washington D.C. via NC

2012: “Solid Fluidity”

WaWater&RockFlows48x48 copy

“Water & Rock Flows” (WA) 48″ x 48″, 2010. Private collection Dallas.

WaWater&RockFlowsDETAIL copy

SOLID FLUIDITY is a title that is both descriptive and suggestive of the two main bodies of work in the exhibition: woods and water. This title underscores the solidity in the way I paint fluid water and the fluidity in the way I paint solid trees and rocks. I was essentially trying to make paintings of flowing, clear fluid waters that seemed solid while simultaneously trying to make solid trees and rocks that looked fluideven though they aren’t & don’t normally do so….while the light and reflections changed throughout the course of the day AND the water streamed rapidly down the river. I love challenges for sure! This was my seventh solo show with Valley House Gallery since they started representing me in 1994. They produced a 28 page catalog with an interview by the gallery director, Cheryl Vogel. Richard Shift’s essay “Catching Up with the Instant” is also reproduced here. A small (3MB) pdf of the catalog can be download  below:


WarmWaters3x4 copy

“Sunlit Waters” (WA) 36″ x 48″, 2009. Private collection Texas


“Hemlock Curtains” (WA) 48″ x 36″, 2010. Private collection Dallas

2012: Roger Winter and the line.

I was one of five students (John Alexander, David Bates, Brian Cobble and Dan Rizzie were the others) who was interviewed about our experience working with Roger and the subsequent influence on our work.  Art Matters and Quin Mathews Films  produced this documentary called “Roger Winter and the Line“. For 25 years they have been filming the  art and artists that shaped their community and world. A “Gift of History” celebrates the donation of more than 2,000 audio and film interviews from Art Matters and Quin Mathews Films to the Dallas Museum of Art’s digital archive(s).


2012: “Under the Influence”



Roger Winter was my undergraduate drawing and painting professor at Southern Methodist University (SMU in Dallas) from1984-1988. He was in fact, VERY Influential. The span of influence covered by the artists in the exhibit is three generations (staring with Mozely who taught at UT Austin where Roger Winter studied, then Roger taught at SMU where I studied and then I ended up teaching at UT Austin influencing the next generation of Texas painters) so my UT connection as a professor there makes the connections and influences come full circle: Loren Mozely, Winters & Me. This show opened at the Grace Museum in Abilene, TX and then traveled to the MAC in Dallas. Below is a small pdf version that gives more background on the show that the Grace Museum produced.




“Paint Rock Tiers” (AL) 20″ x 20″, Private collection Texas

2012: “From Nature”


In 2010 I had been invited to exhibit my paintings in a group show called Introductions at Thomas Deans Fine Art in Atlanta, GA. he really liked the my paintings  so asked me to have a duo solo show in his new large gallery in 2012. I shows a few GA works and some FL & WA paintings.


“Devils Club’s Morning Glory” (WA) 36″ x 48″. Private collection Atlanta.


“Hyperbolic Nature: Juniper Branch” (FL) 60″ x 48″, 2008. In private collection Atlanta