2010: Summer Research-Water


“Rocky Flows” (WA) 36″ x 48″, 2010. Private collection Texas

In 2010 I returned to Washington state to paint. This time, however, instead of focusing the woods I wanted to paint the water because I had been so surprisingly intrigued by my first attempts at it the summer before.  I had been trying to capture the changing light over the course of the day on dense woods (and trying to do so on a large scale) for a while and had actually been avoiding painting water…at least in Florida where the water is often stagnate & opaque and therefore, functions too much like a resting point in my paintings which is something I do not want in my highly active “over-all” compositions. In Washington state, however, there are clear, moving waters that have rapids, rocks and logs in them so it turned out these waters were even more complicated and had even more moving & changing color/parts than the woods. This meant I had to try to capture not just the surface of the water, but also the movement of that surface. On top of that, I had to capture the changing reflections of the sky and clouds as well as what I could see below the surface of the water as it ebbed and flowed down stream.

WaTealFluidityMorningLeft15X30 copy

“Teal Fluidity: Morning” (WA) 15″ x 30″, 2009. Private collection Dallas

Talk about the complex nature of trying to capture first-hand the multidimensional and ever-changing experience of being in a specific location…painting water was it! I was mesmerized and hooked…I rented a cabin with a small, make-shift shed-studio were I was able to spend almost a month painting by the banks of the Skykomish River.

WaBigRockBank3X4 copy

“Big Bock Bank” (WA) 36″ x 48″, 2009. Private collection Texas


2010: CAA in Chicago

23AutumFalling48x30NH copy

“Autumn Falling” (NH) 2006, 48″ x 30″ private collection Germany


Coalition of Women in the Arts Organization Regional Women Artists: Exploring Nature, Spirituality, and Universal Order Thursday, February 11, 5:30 PM–7:00 PM Acapulco, Gold Level, West Tower, Hyatt Regency Chicago Chair: Kyra Belan, Broward College; Mother Earth, Thought Woman: Mixed-Media Installation Kyra Belan, Broward College A New Urgency and Relevance in Postmodern Plein-Air Painting Lilian Garcia-Roig, Florida State University; Women, Nature, and New Technology Jeane Cooper, Florida Atlantic University; Tribute and Remembrance: Vanitas and the Holocaust in the Works of Helene Baker Debra Murphy, University of North Florida.

2010: Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL

11MOCA_UNF_Roig_2010-1230_021 - Version 2 16MOCA_UNF_Roig_2010-1230_027 This exhibition Hyperbolic Nature: Recent Paintings by Lilian Garcia-Roig took place in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville and the works were exhibited in two different parts of the museum, over two different floors. Above yo see views of the Atrium Gallery which is the first exhibition space one sees when you enter the museum. Normally a large Joan Mitchell painting hangs there so I was surprised and honored to be asked to hang this installation of my large-scale MacDowell paintings for the duration of my show. Below are views of the second floor galleries. 10MOCA_UNF_Roig_2010-1230_012 05MOCA_UNF_Roig_2010-1230_005


“Fallen Tree-St Marks, FL”, 2005, 48″ x 36″


DETAIL Of top left side of “Fallen Tree-St Marks, FL”


DETAIL of bottom right side of “Fallen Tree-St Marks, FL”

DSCN1953 - Version 2 Above is a photo of me standing next to Debra Murphy, Professor of Art History and Chair of the Department of Art and Design at University of North Florida. She wrote the essay in the catalog that is available to download as a large (25MB) pdf. 2010MOCAbrochure

2010: More than a Brush With Nature

Scan 142980030

More than a Brush With Nature: Plein-Air Paintings by Lilian Garcia-Roig was a solo exhibition at University of North Florida’s Art Gallery in Jacksonville, FL. I was also a visiting artist there and gave a gallery talk. This show opened concurrently with a larger show I was having at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville so I basically was showing everything I had left in my studio in the city of Jacksonville for the months of November & December! Debra Murphy, Professor of Art History and Chair of the Department of Art and Design at UNF, curated this show and she wrote an article about this show for the Oct/Nov issue of Arbus (North Florida’s Arts & Business Magazine) magazine (pages 58-62),  She also wrote a curatorial essay for the catalog for the MOCA.

WA30x48GreensOnGreensDiptych copy

“Greens on Greens” (WA) diptych 30″ x 48″

2010: New American Paintings # 88


was included in New American Paintings #88 (Southern edition) juried by Barbara O’Brien, curator, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City MO. In her juror’s comments (p 3.), she was impressed by my monumental use of scale and called my works, “tour de force reinvestigations of the plein-air painting tradition”…Wow.


“Branch Flows” (WA) diptych, 2010


DETAIL of “Branch Flows”


2010: “Caught in the Act of Looking”


“Sugar Maple-O” (WA) 30″ x 24″, Image on the invitation

I was invited to be a visiting artist and have a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery at Broward College in March of 2010. I was able to show extensive works from WA as well as some from NH & FL.


“Trunk Trio” (WA) 48″ x 48″

TrunkTrio(WA)48x48 - Version 2

DETAIL of top right section of “Trunk Trio” (WA)