2009: TIME + TEMP

TIME + TEMP: Surveying the Shifting Climate of Painting in South Florida Nov 16, 2009 – Jan 10, 2010 Opening Reception Fri, Nov 20


“Hyperbolic Nature: Vine Diptych” (FL) 60″ x 96″, 2008. This image was reproduced in the show brochure

Curated by Jane Heart and exhibited at the Hollywood Arts and Culture Center, this exhibition presents a survey of dynamic work by a selection of South Florida based artists who embrace and incorporate aspects of painting into their practice. A resurgence of painterly tendencies is currently taking hold among artists on a national even international level. Its growing appeal is also evident within the ever expanding contemporary art community in our region. On view will be work by approximately 50 artists who are in different ways investigating and pushing prevailing definitions of painting. Boundaries of form have been expanded through a variety of techniques utilizing a broad range of materials. Some pieces have been created specifically for this exhibit yet are made with media other than traditional pigment-based paint on canvas. Representation and abstraction continue to be very much at the forefront of this genre. However issues which have dominated painterly themes, such as color, surface, narrative and gesture are finding new expressions in a variety of unconventional and energized styles. Our tropical, lush and organic natural environment intersected by gleaming architectonic towers of light, glass and concrete set the stage for fertile and flowing currents of invention which are reflected in this diverse array of works. Participating Artists Harumi Abe, Farley Aguilar, Kevin Arrow, Bhatki Baxter, Loriel Beltran, Francie Bishop Good, Pip Brant, David Brieske, Timothy Buwalda, Julie Davidow, Ivan Toth Depeña, Clayton Deutsch, Lilian Garcia-Roig, Lynne Gelfman, Mike Genovese, Mark Gibson, Jacin Giordano, Aramis Gutierrez, Guerra de la Paz, Richard Haden, Jason Hedges, Craig Kucia, Natalya Laskis, Nicolas Lobo, Pepe Mar, Jordan Massengale, Raul Mendez, Beatriz Montevaro, Gean Moreno, Daniel Newman, Glexis Novoa, Ray Olivero, Skot Olsen, Brandon Opalka, Perry Pandrea, Raul Perdomo, Gavin Perry, Vickie Pierre, Oliver Sanchez, Asser Saint Val, Diego Singh, Nancy Spielman, Alex Sweet, Runcie Tatnall, Kristen Thiele, Mette Tommerup, Kiki Valdes, Marcos Valella, Michael Vasquez, Chuck Webster, Agatha Wara, Michelle Weinberg and John Zolle. 2009TimeTemp 2009TimeTempB


View of my painting through Glexis Novoa’s drawing installation “window”

Below is a pdf of a review of the show in the Broward/Palm Beach New Times by Michael Mills which mentions my work. %22Time+Temp%22 at the Art and Culture Center Proves That Painting Is Not Dead

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