2009: “Into the Wild”

FL304JiggsawWoods48x36 copy

“Jigsaw Woods” (FL) 48″ x 36″. private collection New York

In October 2009, Carol Jazzar Gallery in Miami  presented Into The Wild, a group exhibition of figurative and abstract painting and sculpture from local and national artists working with nature. Echoing the current revival of nature-based subject matter each artists plumbs the depths of personal experience, reacting and representing their impressions with fervor. From gestual forays to labor intensive and methodical systems the exhibition not only resonates aesthetically, but also by virtue of the many processes involved is analogous itself to an ecological web. The exhibition featured works by Ai Kijima, Elizabeth Condon, John DeFaro, Luis Garcia-Nerey, Lilian Garcia-Roig, Enrique Gomez De Molina, Juanita Meneses and Michelle Weinberg.


“Falling Fall” (NH) diptych 30″ x 48″. Private collection Miami

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