2006: Thick Brush Painting Installation

MAC2installLeftWall copy

MAC install view from left side wall (each painting is 48″ H)

MAC4installRightWall copy

This was my first large-scale painting installation and it consisted of 19 independently created on-site paintings arranged in a non-contiguous way, closely to one another so that formal relationships from one painting flowed into the next. I like to show my individually conceived paintings as large installations of closely hung, formally connected works that create a sense of compelling overwhelmingness in the viewer….an experience that more closely parallels that of actually being in the woods; constantly focusing in and out  of space over time. The dense grouping caused the viewer to not be able to see each work as an individual painting (or image/view) thus purposely undermining some of the representational solidity of the works and bringing their formal qualities (the abstract nature of painting with the materiality of the paint and the painting process) to the forefront of this perceptual experience.

WA1Fluttery48x36 copy

“Fluttery” (WA) 48″ x 36″

WAFlutteryMApleLeavesDETAIL3 copy

DETAIL of bottom left side of “Fluttery”

All of the paintings in this show were created over my three summers of working on-site in the foothills Cascades Mountains of Washington State. Below is a pdf of a full artist’s statement about the works in this show.


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