2006: Joan Mitchell Painting Award

NHMacDowellPinesDetail2TopMiddlesect copy

In November of 2006 I got some exciting and amazing news when I found out I had been awarded a Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptors Grant. The Painters and Sculptors Grant Program was established to acknowledge painters and sculptors creating work of exceptional quality through unrestricted career support. This is a highly competitive and prestigious, once in a life-time national award that comes with a $25,000 prize.


This is the largest painting only-specific arts award in the nation and to be selected, one must first be nominated by one of the 80 secret nominators (who can only recommends one painter and one sculptor annually for the award). Both the secret nominators and jury panel consist of prominent curators, artists and art educators from across the country. Out of the 160 artists nominated from the entire pool of artist working in the country, only up to 25 are selected for the award. This is truly a significant award to receive and I am very honored to have gotten it.

Joan Mitchell awardees include art-world luminaries such as: Frances Barth, Glenn Ligon, Mel Chin, Fred Tomaselli, Shahzia Sikander, Allison Saar, Janie Antoni, Amy Sillman, Polly Apfelbaum, Do-Ho Suk, Shinique Smith, Tim Hawkinson, Kara Walker, Mark Bradford, Julie Mehretu, Wangenchi Mutu, Nick Cave, Sue Williams, Mickalene Thomas, and Peter Saul to name a few…Excellent company for sure.


“MacDowell Pines” (NH) 48″ x 36″

JOAN MITCHELL FOUNDATION (2006 Painter’s Award Winner) artist page link:


NHMacDowwellPinesDetailTopLeftSect copy

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