A Decade of Highlights: 2004-2014


“Tree Ravine Diptych” (FL) 30″ x 48″

Over the past year I have been working on two shows that each dealt with the idea of a decade. One was the “A Mysterious Clarity 2.0”, a show that brought back, but in updated form in 2014, the original 2004 grouping of Burggraf, Garcia-Roig & Messersmith at 621 Gallery’s show “A Mysterious Clarity” and the other is my upcoming (fall 2015) solo exhibition at Cernuda Arte in Coral Gables titled “In the Thick of It: A Decade of Painting in Florida”. The latter will have an exhibition catalog with a curatorial essay by Carol Damian, Director of the Frost Museum at FIU.

Because I came to blogging later in my artistic career and because I have been actively working with the concept of a decade it made sense to me to use the decade theme here as a way to summarize highlights from my fairly recent past so as to better contextualize my current work for viewers. With this added back ground information, visitors to the studio news/blog will be able to better understand where I am coming from and where I might be going.

I will be posting a series of entries grouped by chronological order starting from 2004. The subjects of the entries will mostly be important art-related events such as exhibitions, awards, reviews, residencies, or even a major new series of works…but there will also be occasional MISC entries just because:)



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